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Multiplayer Checkers Hosting

multiplayer checkers hosting servers

Hosting/Open Source/CMS

To check the current version of Multiplayer Checkers available, or to see a demo, click here.

Multiplayer Checkers lets your visitors challenge each other, play checkers and chat with this AJAX-enabled script. Multiplayer Checkers can be installed on our servers automatically after payment.

Automatic Set Up

It is easy to setup a new Multiplayer Checkers website with VMotion. Once you complete your payment, Multiplayer Checkers installs automatically.

Large Open Source Community

Multiplayer Checkers is an open source project, which means everyone has access to the source code of the project and can even contribute code of their own that may be included in the project. Multiplayer Checkers being open source also means, there are a lot of knowledgeable people willing to pass on their experience to others.

What you get

You get all the features of our Unlimited European Shared Hosting Plan plus pre-installed Multiplayer Checkers Software.

Subscription details

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

(1 month free)

12 Months

(2 months free)
+ free domain!!

shared hosting order

shared hosting order

shared hosting order

shared hosting order


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