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Recover your entire server in seconds with the Hybrid Cloud Storage backup. With a technology that actively detects, blocks and reverses suspicious changes to your data you can be assured of protection for your server from ransomware.

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How secure will my data be?

In partnership with Acronis, we protect all data in any environment including: physical, virtual, cloud, mobile and applications. All data is fully encrypted to AES-256 bit standards with unique private keys that are only accessible by you. Total control and security through SSL encrypted channels. No matter what you are doing, your data is always secure, giving you peace of mind.


Managed Reboots

From Hourly to Daily Backups

System Reprovisioning

Bare-metal recovery

Initial Server Securing

Multi-level security

Control Panel Updates

Secure software-defined Storage

Operating System Updates and Patches

File & Disk backups

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the data Restore options?

You can restore file(s)/folder(s) or database(s) in a couple of clicks. You can also restore the entire server in case of server crash or hardware failure.

How many snapshots can I have?

You can have daily, weekly or hourly snapshots. If you need any other options please contact our support and we'll help you to choose the best option for your needs.

Can I get more space than mentioned in the plans?

Sure, we can help you with more backup space. Please contact our support team with your queries.

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