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Managed Services: helping you run your IT

Managed Service Checklist

Managing the IT aspects of your business can be a very challenging task in the current era of ever changing technologies. Either you decide to manage everything yourself or entrust it to the outside company - we can

Managing Your Websites

Let us manage all the aspects of your website life
while you concentrate on managing your business.

Most contemporary websites are database-driven server-side applications, be it Wordpress or Joomla, SugarCRM or Magento you have at least 2 things to take care of: the database and the files (code). When you signup for a managed hosting package you can offload it all to our support team. You don't need to think how to solve things, who to call and what to say to the customers waiting at the door of your website. You just send an email (or give us a call) and describe your issue. That's all.
Don't have time to do regular updates to your website? No worries, with our affordable maintenance contracts you can just email us text, images, links you want to appear on your website and they will be uploaded within 1 business day.
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Managing Your Email

Never miss that important email!

With email correspondence taking up a considerable amount of our daily business routine one should never underestimate the importance of proper email management. Email management starts from understanding how and where you need to access your emails, whether you need access to the same emails from different devices or you prefer them redirected to your GMail. We take the stress out of email setup and management from creation of mailboxes to helping you setup your Outlook (or other email software)

Managing Your Virtualization/Cloud

When security of your website, applications and emails matters.

If you are planning to trade online or you want to have more control over the security of your web-site, applications, databases, backups and emails you need to consider VPS, Cloud or dedicated server. Since this is a significant step, like moving out of your parents home and taking responsibility over all aspects of your life, it is important to have them properly managed. We manage all the aspects of your server starting from operating system, to third-party software support. We make it work for you the way you want it to work.

Managing Your Servers and Infrastructure

From VPS to dedicated servers and custom-built Clouds.

If you are planning to start a really big project and not sure what hardware setup will be most suitable for your needs or your current hardware is getting to the end of its life contact us to arrange a free consultation. Due to the volume of servers that we source from vendors we are able to leverage our discounts to our customers thus allowing you to cut the costs at the capital level.
We provide a full managed service for our dedicated/cloud users including:

  • Purchase of servers and network hardware according to your specification
  • Installation of hardware in the datacentre of your choice
  • Installation and configuration of operating systems and software
  • Monitoring of hardware and services
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of servers and network equipment
Let us handle your next big project and enjoy reduced capital investment and unrivaled customer care service in the industry!

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