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I have worked with a range of hosting companies over the years, and VMotion stand out from them all, because of their great value, fast servers and no-nonsense interface, combined with personal service always available to help at seemingly all hours of the day and night. Thoroughly recommended.

Ed Green  |  Cloud Server Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Cloud Server?

When your website/application has outgrown your shared hosting plan and you can't afford the price of a dedicated server, then Cloud Server is for you. Most webmasters see Cloud Server as the stepping stone to a dedicated server.
A Cloud Server is basically when you take a dedicated server and divide it into smaller independent servers where each of these smaller servers run on their own operating system and private environment but share the same hardware. Cloud Server is most suitable for website owners that need an isolated hosting environment (for safety and performance purpose) and special hosting features (such as custom firewalls, SSH access, dedicated IP addresses).

Each private server has its unique file system and gets a guaranteed fraction of the server's disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and memory. Hence, a website hosted on a Cloud Server runs on an isolated environment where its performance will not be affected by other websites. Also, a Cloud Server does not share web applications and services with other websites thus it eliminates the risk of downtime or hacks due to other's mistakes.

Cloud Server users get full root access. This allows server customization & you get to install your own software/application and manage your server as you would on a dedicated server.

Who manages my Cloud Server?

All our Cloud Server plans come completely unmanaged unless you buy a managed service addon. What it means is you get a default install of the operating system of your choice and any other software purchased during checkout. You get full root access to your server and it is your responsibility to ensure the security and reliability of your server. We are responsible for the uptime of your Cloud Server container only, not for the uptime of your operating system or the services that you run on it.

If you have difficulties in managing your Cloud Server you can opt in for our monthly subscription of managed services or request a once-off time-based support from our dedicated system administration team.

Do you help to setup Control Panels and Operating Systems?

All Cloud Server packages come with the operating system of customer choice preinstalled. The customer can purchase any add-on software through us or just subscribe with any other control panel vendors.

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