How do I set up TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal?

To associate your Privacy Policy subscription with a domain name, log into your account. Hover on “Security� and then on “TRUSTe Privacy Policy�, and then click “Manage�. In the row of the Privacy Policy subscription you want to configure, click “Awaiting Configuration�. Type a domain name and email address to associate with the subscription, and click “Submit�. If you wish, type a password and click “Save Settings� (the domain name and password allow you to log in directly at A success message confirms that you have configured your Privacy Policy subscription details.

To build your privacy policy, hover on “Security� and then on “TRUSTe Privacy Policy�, and then click “Manage�. In the row of the subscription you want to configure, click the domain name for which you want to create a privacy policy. Click “Login to my control panel�.

Follow the instructions in the control panel to build and implement your privacy policy and Seal. The control panel provides code snippets for the privacy policy and the Seal; you can place both in your web site code immediately. Your privacy policy will appear almost immediately; the Seal will appear as soon as TRUSTe certifies your site.

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