How do I cancel my TRUSTe Privacy Policy subscription?

Log into your account. Hover on “Security� and then on “TRUSTe Privacy Policy�, and then click “Manage�. In the row of the subscription you want to cancel, click the domain name.

Click “Cancel Service� to cancel your subscription to TRUSTe Privacy Policy or TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal. Open the “Select Reason� dropdown menu and select a reason for cancelling your subscription, and type your reason in the “Additional Information� text box. Click “Cancel Service�. A message confirms that you have successfully requested cancellation of your subscription. It will become inactive on the expiration date of your current subscription.

If you want to remove the TRUSTe Privacy Policy, or Privacy Policy and Seal, before the subscription expiration date, you can do so by removing the TRUSTe code snippets from your web site code.

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