According to our Terms & Conditions, as outlined here, the client has the right to terminate the service any time with 3 working days’ notice sent via mail or email to VMotion IT Solutions LTD sales department to the address or email address indicated on the contacts page of VMotion IT Solutions LTD website. The client is entitled to the full refund of fees paid during the first 30 days of service EXCLUDING any setup fees or DOMAIN REGISTRATION FEES. The client is entitled to full pro-rata refund if the service is terminated on the 31st and thereof day of service. If the Client availed of free domain registration under any service, the cost of domain registration is deducted from the amount of refund. The client will receive the notice of refund within 5 working days of application being received by VMotion IT Solutions LTD Sales department. The client is entitled to receive the full amount of refund stated in the notice within 14 working days of the refund notice issue. If the client has any disputes regarding the refund amount they should be settled within 14 working days of the refund notice issue. Once the refund is paid to the customer it is final and non-disputable.

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