As an admin of your workplace or organization, you may be required to setup email forwarding for a user's mailbox. Email fowarding allows you to forward email messages sent to the user's mailbox to another mailbox, whether it's within or outside your organization. 



Important Notes:

  1. Once mail forwarding is set up, only the new emails sent to the from mailbox will be forwarded, not the old ones.
  2. Email forwarding requires that the account that the mail is being sent from, has a license. If you are setting up email forwarding due to a user leaving your organization then another great option is to convert their mailbox to a shared mailbox. This means several people can access it but it is restricted to 50GB.


In order to complete these steps, you must be an Exchange administrator or Global admin within Office 365. 



  1. In the admin center, go to Users > Active Users page.
  2. Select the user you are looking to setup mail forwarding for. This will open the properties page. 
  3. Select the Mail tab. Then select Manage email forwarding.
  4. On the email forwarding page, select Forward all emails sent to this mailbox
  5. Enter the forwarding address and select whether or not you want to keep a copy of the forwarded emails. 
  6. Select Save Changes.
  7. Don't delete the account of the user who's email you are forwarding/Remove their license as doing so will stop the email forwarding. 
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